A couple of weeks ago I was in Seattle and presented a slightly updated version of my “Past, Present, and Future of Video Telephony” talk at Microsoft Research Redmond.

The folks at Microsoft were nice enough to post a good-quality video of the talk on their website for public viewing – if you’re interested at all in my (somewhat controversial) views on the matter, have a look.

Link to video presentation

Email me if you want a copy of the slides or video clip.

While I’m on the subject, an interesting article in the June 2011 IEEE Spectrum describes how people respond to eye contact and mimicking of their gestures (the authors used avatars to generate simulated eye contact). As I’ve said elsewhere, I don’t think avatars are a likely solution to the video telecommunication problem (at least with the current state of the art), but the idea of manipulating eye contact deliberately in a video conference is interesting – and these studies seem to provide evidence it might be effective.