Here’s a new, improved SMD Pitch-o-meter for all your SMD measurement needs.  (Also may be useful as a general microscopy scale.)

This version has a more readable distance scale marked in increments of 0.01 inches (10 mil) and 0.1 millimeters (100 microns), plus size outlines for 1206, 0805, 0603, 0402, and 0201 SMD packages.

Print it out at 600 pixels/inch (glossy photo paper recommended) and keep it handy near your binocular microscope.

Be sure to click on the image and download the full-sized version.

SMD Pitch-o-meter

SMD Pitch-o-meter

To measure SMD lead pitch (usually called parameter ‘e’ on datasheets) measure 4 (four) pins on the part from the line marked “zero”. Then read up for the pitch.