…or, how to “move” GMail messages to the “sent” folder. (GMail uses labels, not folders, but if you use 1 label/message you can emulate folders.)

This is my last posting about GMail for a while (I hope!). 5 posts down, you can see that I completely revised my July 20 posting about migration to GMail – it’s finally done.

GMail’s web interface won’t let you move messages into the “sent” folder, but you can do it if you sync your account with Outlook, then do it in Outlook:

  1. Install Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook®.
  2. Install Outlook (I used Outlook 2003).
  3. Synchronize Outlook with the GMail account (this may take a long time – days – if you have a lot of mail)
  4. Move the messages in Outlook.
  5. Let it sync again.

That’s it. Now you can get rid of Outlook if you want.